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Guardian Services, LLC considers itself to be a very pro-active and fast growing recovery/repossession company and at all times it looks to utilize the latest technology that can help ensure our competitive edge, that not only serves our clients, but keeps us in the forefront of our competitors.

We have:
  • RDN – Recovery Database Network – a secure web based repossession program that enables us to manage many elements of the business, including update content, our Field Agents, our Account Executives. This system also allows:

    • Management and control of our business and yours
    • Immediate contact re account or collateral status, irrespective of location
    • Day to day operations on accounts, whatever their status and requirements e.g., provision of timely updates
    • The capabilities for us to monitor and evaluate our field agents activity and performance
    • Client access to their accounts and have the ability to monitor their progression through the system
    • Provides management information and statistical information that can be monitored according to the need of the client
    • Monitor and evaluate our Account Executives performance
    • Provides immediate financial and accounting functions
    • YOU, our client can access your accounts and monitor their progress through the system.

  • This ‘state of the art’ technology has created even more ‘added value’ to the services that Guardian Services, LLC offers and provides.
  • GPS – Our fleet of trucks all have GPS, so we know at any given point where they are and what they are doing.
  • Laptops, Cell Phones, GPS, Air Cards etc. – Every effort is made to ensure that our Field Agents communicate with us at all times.
  • 24-hour Reporting System – Field Agents are able to make contact with us 24/7. Our digital telephone support system, allows them access to the office, to management at any time during their repossession work.

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