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Guardian Services LLC
PO Box 641387
Kenner, Louisiana 70064

Ph 504.464.5778
Ph 877.888.8444
Fax 504.464.1582

Allied Client Protection Bond

Allied Finance Adjusters Member

Professional Information

Recovery/Repossession Insurance:

Guardian Services, LLC is bonded, licensed and insured by an insurance company that specializes in vehicle recovery and repossession.

Our insurance package includes, but is not limited to –
  • Aggregated Liability
  • Garage Keepers Liability per occurrence
  • On-hook Coverage
  • Per Accident
  • Personal Injury
Our insurance coverage is one of the most comprehensive policies in the repossession/recovery industry.

Worker's Compensation:

In accordance with the State of Louisiana’s laws in relation to Worker’s Compensation, Guardian Services, LLC carries the appropriate coverage to meet industry and statewide criteria.

Business License:

Guardian Services, LLC meets the State of Louisiana legal requirements in being licensed to conduct business in the entire State of Louisiana.


Guardian Services, LLC is a member of the Allied Finance Adjusters Association – a professional organization that lends itself to enhancing and improving the repossession industry.

Guardian Services, LLC is also a member of Women's Business Enterprise - WBENC provides a world class standard of certification to women-owned businessess throughout the country.

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